MVEDGE Staff Visits Wynn Hospital Site

MVEDGE Staff Visit to MVHS Wynn Hospital Site

On a cloudy late-August day, members of the Mohawk Valley EDGE team attended a tour of the forthcoming Wynn Hospital in Utica. Led by Robert C. Scholefield MS RN, Executive Vice President/ Facilities and Real Estate at Mohawk Valley Health System, the group traversed the 700,000 square foot hospital and the project’s impacts on the local healthcare network.

During their tour, the EDGE team saw busy construction crews running cables, transporting material by way of a large lifting platform called “The Hulk,” and building inside the facility at every corner. EDGE staff climbed 5 floors in total to see multiple areas; including soon-to-be patient quarters, open-core nursing units, and Emergency Department (ED) treatment spaces.

These developments will be beneficial to hospital visitors, staff, and patients. Throughout the facility, Bob showed the group widened alcoves to accommodate stretchers, with corridors built for patient safety and comfort. As noted by MVEDGE staff member Chris Lawrence, rooms had large windows and views of the downtown Utica skyline and beyond—including the new Wolfspeed facility in Marcy. Other visitor, staff, and patient centered highlights include interior décor inspired by Adirondack scenery and a non-denominational Sanctuary serving as a quiet reflection quarter for visitors.

The visit cumulated with a look from the lobby area, which Bob described as a central access point. In the soon to be lobby filled with wooden scaffolding, reams of wires, and freshly painted walls, he addressed a variety of public takeaways from the Wynn Hospital project. More information on how MVHS has responded to some community input and questions may be found on their website.

The hospital is slated to open in October 2023. For more information, see the following Wynn Hospital write-up on the MVHS website: