Mohawk Valley EDGE is proud to support locally-owned small businesses looking to grow or in need of economic expertise. Our staff has direct access to and in-depth understanding of incentives and loans, as well as contact with many community resources. EDGE builds and maintains relationships with community businesses from outreach to project implementation, connecting organizations with available loans, grants, and tax programs to address their needs.

Questions on what programs are available? Unsure of what opportunities may be appropriate for your business or project? Contact us. We may be able to assist you!

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Mohawk Valley EDGE is responsible for overseeing and administering several revolving loan funds that are used for economic development. These funds are available to support business and community investment projects that will create jobs, support the retention of existing jobs, enhance the tax base of the area and provide added value to the region’s economy. Mohawk Valley EDGE does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in its program or activities.

Oneida County Loan & Grant Programs

In partnership with Oneida County, EDGE is administering the NYS Office of Community Renewal’s Economic Development, Small Business Assistance, and Microenterprise grant programs. Through these programs, EDGE works with Oneida County to apply for grant assistance on behalf of the business seeking funding. Businesses may request funding for business investment projects that result in job creation.

In the most recent (2022-23) Oneida County Microenterprise Grant Program, $170,000 in funding was awarded to six of the County’s small businesses in need as they invested to grow their businesses. This partnership with Oneida County resulted in significant new investment in local farms and farm-related businesses.

EDGE staff also assist prospective applicants to complete business plans and provide necessary or required technical assistance.

USDA Rural Development Grant Program

Since 2017, EDGE has brought USDA funding to the Mohawk Valley through the Rural Business Development Grant program. This funding enables businesses to invest in machinery and equipment through a capital lease. As capital leases are paid down, these funds go into a revolving loan fund that can be deployed as new capital leases. This process helps businesses preserve the cash flow that would have otherwise paid for interest on an amortized loan.